About Us
Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is a non invasive, revolutionary technology that has shown amazing results in the treatment of pain and swelling, as well as in dramatically improving range of motion in both humans and animals.  Our machine of choice is the PEMF SYSTEMStm DEVICE which uses powerful pulsed electro-magnetic field that provides natural energy to the cells of the body.  This increased energy helps the body to heal itself.

Why choose PEGASOOS, INC?  Our company has extensive experience working with and treating horses using PEMF.
We have been using the PEMF DEVICE since 2007 and have the utmost confidince in the quality, reliability and customer service provided by the manufacturer.

Quick and effective!  No gels, wraps or wires.  Treatment times are short - only a few minutes per area - completing the entire horse in 30 min!